Your reaction could be due to society's perversion of the female body. Areolas are Designed to be nurturing and functional, but society has conditioned us to feel like "AREOLAS" is a dirty word.



Areolas Apparel

Be honest, your knee jerk reaction to seeing the word AREOLAS emblazoned across the front of a shirt had you "clutching your pearls", didn't it.


But why?


Women's bodies are Strong and Beautiful and Designed with Divine purpose. Our society has fallen into a trap of oversexualizing and marginalizing the female body out of its functionality.  At Areolas Apparel, we want to help re-establish a healthy public perception of the female breasts with a casual lifestyle brand that proudly proclaims

"I'm Designed, Not Defined." 

Whether you are a breastfeeding mom tired of hiding your breasts while you nurse your child, a woman struggling with body-conscious concerns fueled by a narrow perspective of beauty, or a breast cancer warrior fighting against internal disease and external societal stigmas, you are 

"Designed, Not Defined."

Women should never be defined by their bodies or shamed for using their bodies as they are intended to be used. Similarly, women should never be shamed for refusing our society's limited narrative of beauty. We long to see a shift where women's bodies can shamelessly coexist in both function and sensuality.


 YES We do!

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